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story 2: The incredible story of my sweet maid

This is the incredible story of my sweet maid

One day I came very early from school. I did not make much noise entering 
the house. I went uptairs to my room. There I saw my maid,she wa trying to 
steal some money that I had left in my closet. I was so furious at her. I 
shouted at her. She was so embarassed.

I made so much of noise and it was so necessary for her to shut me up. She 
just pushed me t let me drop on my bed. I still screamed. She came over and 
she slapped my face and closed my mouth with her hands. I felt the pressure 
she exerted on me. Then I was kind of working out of it. She then thrusted 
her breast on my face to stop me from making noise. Maybe sshe did not 
notice or maybe she kne, her tits smothered my face. I was in fact lost in 
her tits. it was so hardbreathing that I pushed her away.

Then she thought that i would scream again. So she sprang her feet to kick 
my balls, disabling me and then kicking my face inflicting more pain. 
Without a moment to wait she came over and she sat on my face. It was so 
quick and this time delibrately smothering me. She did everything so quck 
that after the kick on my face, she came forward, lifted her skirt and slid 
her pantie apart and sat on my face.

My mouth was shut between her massive butt. She did it so perfect that she 
made sure my nose went up through the creek to, where else, her asshole. 
This time her intentions were so clear, more than shutting me up was 
smothering me.Then she rocked my face. i was smothered and totally helpless. 
She made sure that her entire weight was thrusted upon me. Her ass is so big 
and equally beautiful that it would engulf anything. I loved to be 

Then she got up and sat on my chest looking down to my face. She enjoyed the 
position. She then teased me with small slaps on my face, left and right... 
right and left...

She then said, "If I take some money from your closet, you would shout at me 
right." I said sorry mistress. Then said, "Oh please mistress its all your 
money." She thenbend over and slapped my face. She said, "I know that you 
loser, but itaint enough."

I then hurringly, pulled out a bag from my school goin rucksack and gave her 
the bag. I said, "Oh mistress, please make me your slave. This is my school 
fees. I dont want to pay it. This is for you. "
She asked how much is it? I ansewered, "It has 5000$. You want more , i will 
get you somehow."
She looked down at me and place her feet on my face and said, "Good slave 
and you better be my bank from today or else..." I agreed like a faithful 

Then she got up from there. When I triedgetting up, she grabbed my hair and 
put me down to my knees. I stayed there. Things ere happening like the 
videos of femdom I watched in the net. She then kept the money safely in her 
bag. She looked at me and she spat on my face.
Slowly she stripped me off my clothes. She then made me lie on the floor. 
She then undid her clothes an wore her high heels. I knew that I was heading 
for somehing...

She then looked at me and smiled. As I slept fearfully on the floor naked, 
she also nked, sat on a chair and looked at me. I was so ashamed...  She 
then placed her high heeled foot on my cock, pricking me...

She then said, "Till this morning, youwere like the master of the house. and 
me the maid. All the money and property was your and I was just your 
servant. Today fro this momment onwards, things are alot changed. Im your 
mitress, infact the mistress of the house, you are my slave. better not 
anybody know all this. You will live n embarassment."

I said, "Yes mistress,anything you say..."

She continued, "Yes you sissy shit eater. anything I say. One day, all this 
wealth is going to be mine. its so nice. our dad died long ago, now till the 
time your mom dies, I will demand all the money I want and you provide. dont 
care how you get it.Bitch. You better obey, slaveboy or all I need is to 
smother you in my ass and your llast breath will me breathed into my 

I nodded my head and she smiled and kicked my balls lightly.

Then he said, "Now aftr she dies, its so simple. Im the mistress and you 
will work like a dog, a bitch slave. When I see that you are of no use, I 
may eat you up or if im furious may even make you brath out your last breath 
into my butthole, you bastard."

She was so furious and so demanding and dominating over me. I was afraid of 
her and was also happy with the situation. I just dont know why???

I always like femdom when it goes to the extreme. I want the woman to be as 
dominant as possibl,more dominant than any man can take and still he is 
forced to take and inflicted with it.

She then said, "Do I make myself clear, slave."

I said "Maybe... ut if you are tryin to be dominant on me, I beleive that if 
  woman needs to dominate me, she has to make me lick her asshole, more 
times than ever and she has to smother me many times to get me pssed out and 
must trample me to cause pain and you are not doing anything..."

All I wanted to do was to make her furious and initaite her to dominate the 
life out of me.

She said, "You arejust about to get where ou want to go... You will die 
licking shit out of my asshole you are my slave, asshole..." and she ended 
with a mysterious laugh... That may remark the begining of my fun...

She then got up and came forth. She trampled all the way from my stomach to 
my chest. She the looked at my face. She asked, "You wanted pain from your 

She then exerted her full weight on where she was standing and it happened 
to be my nipples...
Then she jumped up and landed her pointed heels on my chest. It was so 
painful. I think more than the pain it was my exitedness that burned in my 
eyes. Then she pressed her heels on my face. She made me lick the soles of 
her shoes and then she gradually kicked off her shoes and she stood one leg 
on my nek and other on my chest. She then slowl mved further to stand her 
full weight on my face. She stood on my face covering my mouth with her 
heeld and her toes punctured my nose so that I was smothered. After a long 
time of making me struggle she would leave me. then again proceed with the 
same. After all that it was fun. Then she got down and walked down to my 

She said, "If you want lifetime slavery, prove it by ot getting up and 
refusing the ballbusting of your mistress." I agreed so keenly.

She then made me split my legs to show her my swolen balls. She then came 
forth and kicked a powerfull stroke on my balls. She kicked it hard. I felt 
like I was seeing stars.

She then asked, "You want more." I shouted, "Yes."

Then again she repeated the same aand this happened for about 8 or 10 

After tht she said, "Good slave. In you I will prove that there is no limit 
of how much a man can take..." and she laughed. I agreed with her by 
smiling. She then kicked on my face, my head banged the marbeled floor 
beneath and she pressed her foot hard on my face and said, "You dont smile. 
Just enjoy." I said, "Yes mistress."

Then she said, "You wanted to lick my asshole, maybe we will work out 
She then made me kneel and she came closer and separated her bums and said, 
"You little slutt. Lick my asshole. Eat out all the shit fom it." I did 
notwait to say yes mistress.

I put out my tongue and headed straight for her asshole. I put my tongue 
deep into her asshole. I then licked her asshole. I did about 5 licking 
lumps henshe held the back of my head and stuffed my gace inside her ass. I 
was forced and then I just licked it like they were the last chocolate 
icecreams in the world...

Afetr a long time she got so bored ofit that she pushed her ass back on my 
face to mak me fall backwars onto the floor with my face still inside her ss 
and she moounted ono top of me like a queen in one of my faviroute poses... 
the facesit. She then rocked and moved up and down on my face it waslike the 
pleasure of a lifetime. Then I knew what she was going for. It was not just 
a facesit... It was a smother...  She smothered the heck out of me. Just 
seconds before I pass ut she would rise and give me some 2 seconds of air 
and would go back to the smother. Afetr about one hour of this rockin move, 
she got up from there.

It was late then... We heard the sound my mom's car. She said, just deep 
throat my feet and will end for the evening. I took her feet deep down my 
throat and sucked it and it looked like I was doing some kind of blowjob. 
She left and went downstairs and continued with the work in the kitchen. Mom 
came inside the house...

I too came down dressed. I looked at the time... It was 7. My mom asked the 
maid, when the dinner would be ready. She said in just an hour it will be 

I ent upstairs and had a long bath... I came out. smoked a ciggarette. 
Looked at my watch. It was then 7:45. I came downstairs and switched on the 
tv. Dinner was served. My mom ame outside and she and myself began eating.

After havin the food. Mom went over and lay in the room. She then began 
snoring quicker than before. Then my mistress came.She sat in front of me...

She said, "Your mom is fast asleep. I druged her food. Now what ever happens 
she will only get consciousness after 12 hours."

She then said, "Its more fun..... now I have your camera with me... I want 
you to go to your mom, life her skirt, rmove her panties and lick her 
asshole and I will take pics."

When I hesitated, she said, "Oh come on the world knows that it is your 
stepmom and you better obey your mistress."

I lifted up her skirt. She was not wearing any panties...  She did not 
move... As ordered, I started licking her asshole and then dipped my tongue 
in her pussy. Like a lightening, she grabbed me by my hair. It was my mom 
and she began using my fce and my tongue like a dildo. After long time of 
jerking with my face, she cummed into my mouth and without even waiting 
continued jerking. She then put me down and sat on top. She rode my face and 
made me drink her juice 4 times.

She is a wild beast... When it was done. my mistress came out...

She showed us the copy of her work with the camera. She gave mom 2 options. 
Either to stay home and serve her or to escape before she makes the pics 

Mom was afraid. She was having an affair ith another guy. She did not want 
to ruin that. She left the place that night itself...

Then my mistress, "Looked at me... Im the ruler the queen of this place. 
There is onlyone more thing left... worship me till you die out of breath". 
and she put my face in her ass.


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