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story 1: Eve's Enchanted Ass (part 1/2)

Eve's Enchanted Ass
by Cactusjuggler

      The three girls were all attractive. A red head, a brunette 
and a blond. The red-haired girl was dressed more provocatively 
than her friends, with skin tight stretch pants that left nothing 
to the imagination. She was arguing with the blond girl who 
looked like the stereotypical prom queen type. The red-head was 
Eve, and the blond she was arguing with was named Michelle. Their 
friend, who seemed to be trying to stay out of the scuffle, was 
Robin. Eve and Michelle going at it was nothing new, and Robin 
was getting tired of it. It wasn't that bad when they were in 
high school, but they were all eighteen now and you think that 
they'd grow out of it.

      "Don't look down your nose at me! You're no better than 
me!" Eve was shouting at Michelle.

      "At least I'm not gay!" Michelle replied.

      "You're so stuck up who knows what you are! I've had enough 
of this shit, I'm leaving." Eve said before storming off angry.

      Of the three girls, Eve was the wildest, in many ways. 
Sexually most of all. She did both guys and girls, and neither of 
her friends was absolutely sure, but the consensus was that Eve 
was probably more lesbian than bi. High school rumors had always 
had Eve engaged in all sorts of kinky sex stuff, but who knows 
how much to believe from the rumor-mill.

      Eve was also the first of the three to take up witchcraft. 
She'd always been interested in the occult when she was young, 
always been a little off the beaten path personality-wise. Her 
first year in high school she'd really only had one good friend, 
Robin, and even they weren't that close. Eve's general weirdness 
and wacko occult talk kept Robin a little at a distance. Eve 
liked her, and also needed someone to help her with her magic. 
She'd actually learned some real magic, but she needed help to 
move on. She could light a candle with a wave of her hand, make 
her enemies have stomach cramps, all sorts of little things. 
Finally she decided to "come out of the closet" sophomore year 
and let Robin in on it. It was only after Eve showed Robin some 
simple yet impressive magic that she was able to convince her 
that she wasn't just a kook.

      Robin quickly became involved in Eve's hobby and the two 
became closer every day. Robin always wanted to bring her other 
friend, Michelle, into their witchcraft, and eventually Eve 
relented and a mini-coven of three was formed. There was always a 
fair bit of friction between Michelle and Eve. Michelle, was 
popular and affluent, and Eve was a social outcast from a poor 
family. Robin was the glue that held the three together as they 
explored the world of magic together. As time went on they cast 
ever more powerful spells. One particularly outrageous spell 
cause the principle of their high school to fall madly in love 
with the vice-principle. The truly funny part was that the vice-
principle was also male!

      By the time they graduated, their exploits were becoming 
ever more interesting. After high school they split up, Eve going 
to work as an executive assistant to a sales exec, and Robin and 
Michelle attending the same college. But the college was nearby 
and they still kept up their coven meetings, settling into a 
schedule of one midnight meeting each lunar cycle.

      A week after this most recent argument, Michelle and Eve 
had made up as usual. Both Robin and Michelle received a cryptic 
e-mail from Eve a few days before their next scheduled meeting. 
It read:


      I have a really special spell that I need your help with at 
      meeting. I've been working on it for months. I need you 
both to do
      something a little strange, maybe even a little bit kinky 
by your
      standards. But it's going to be really cool. Trust me. :)


      The three met at midnight in Eve's apartment like they 
always did. They looked like any other group of three girls there 
age. That is, they certainly didn't look like witches, at least 
not stereotypical witches. Rain spattered against the windows, 
and periodically lightning flashed. If the three girls didn't 
look the part of witches, at least the dark and stormy midnight 
meeting fit pretty well with what they were doing.

      "What is it that you hope to gain by this?" Michelle asked 

      "It's a surprise. But it'll be really cool. Trust me on 
this." Eve assured her.

      "What did you mean about the ceremony being a little 
kinky?" The third girl, Robin, asked.

      "This spell is something totally different. I'm going to 
need you guys to do something a little bit...strange."

      Both the girls that had just arrived in Eve's apartment for 
the monthly midnight coven meeting glanced at each other as they 
wondered what Eve had in mind. She'd surprised them many times 
before with her bizarre nymphomaniac sex tales. Who knew what 
"kinky" would mean to Eve.

      "We're here, why don't you just go ahead and tell us?" 
Michelle asked her.
      "I'm going to need you both to kiss me, here. Where this 
mark is." Eve told them, before turning around and pulling down 
the waist of her skirt to expose a round symbol painted or 
tattooed on her skin. It was either low on her back, or high on 
her ass, depending on how you wanted to look at it. Michelle and 
Robin examined the mark, which looked like a small bluish-black 
sun just above her ass-crack.

      "Is that a tattoo?"

      "Un-huh, I had it done two weeks ago. I need it for the 
spell. I'm going to need you to both say a short consecration 
prayer in the old language, and then kiss the mark." Eve told 

      "I don't know Eve. I'd prefer not to kiss your ass, who 
knows where it's been." Michelle told her.

      "Come on, it's not my ass. And let's not start that 
argument again. Besides, it'll only take a second. Let's just get 
it over with and then I'll explain. I hope it works, it'll be 
really cool." 

      "All right, I'll do it." Michelle agreed.

      "Fine. I'll do it too." Eve broke into a broad grin as 
Robin also agreed.

      "Come on, I've got the spare bedroom all ready to go." Eve 
said as she led them back to her second bedroom.

      The room contained no furniture, and five unlit candle 
marked the points of a red pentagram drawn on the room's hardwood 
floor. Eve closed the door behind Robin and Michelle and then 
stepped into the pentagram.

      "So tell me again what you're trying to do?" Robin asked as 
Eve lit the candles with a wave of her hand.

      "It's a surprise. Besides, it probably won't work anyway."

      Still standing in the pentagram, Eve stood and faced the 
other two girls.

      "First we'll do your part, then mine, and last the kisses 
of consecration. Repeat after me." Eve began, and then she 
launched into the old tongue.

      As Robin repeated the lines of barely pronounceable old 
tongue along with Michelle, she marveled again at the way you 
could *feel* it if the words were right. Whatever Eve was saying 
was the real thing, she could tell right off. Shortly they were 
done with their part and Eve launched into a longer stream of the 
old tongue as she began casting the spell. Thunder boomed in the 
distance, but inside the room the melodious sing-song of Eve's 
voice made the air crackle with more energy than the storm held 
outside. Robin and Michelle both could feel the power of the 
spell Eve was weaving with her ever faster chanting. Whatever she 
was doing, it was going to be impressive, they were both sure of 
it. While listening to Eve's spell forming, Robin noticed four 
strange rings screwed into the floor, spaced out evenly on the 
room. She wondered idly for a moment about their purpose as she 
stood waiting.

      After several minutes Eve's chanting settled into a single 
phrase repeated over and over with great speed. As she continued 
to intone the ancient words, Eve looked at both of them briefly 
before turning around and pulling down the waist of her skirt. 
Robin and Michelle glanced at each other before turning to the 
exposed symbol. Michelle went first, leaning forward and quickly 
pressing her lips to the symbol. Eve was now chanting so fast it 
sounded almost like a continuous tone as Robin took Michelle's 
place and leaned down to kiss the symbol as well.

      As Robin's lips touched the round mark on Eve's skin there 
was a flash of light as the symbol glowed red for a moment. Robin 
recoiled at the flash of light as Eve's chanting ceased. Suddenly 
the room was silent but for the sounds of the storm. The silence 
was an eery contrast to Eve's fevered chant.

      "Well, what did we just do?" Michelle asked Eve as she 
turned to face them.

      Eve smiled broadly as she paused for a moment to catch her 
breath. With a wave of her hand the candles extinguished 
themselves. Moving past Michelle and Robin, Eve leaned against 
the door, facing them. They waited while she regained her breath, 
both noticing her obvious excitement.

      "Come on Eve, what was it? It sure felt like a doozy." 
Robin asked.

      "I don't know if it worked. Did the mark glow?"

      "So bright I was blinded for a few seconds." Robin replied 
and Eve's face lit up at the news.

      "If it worked, you girls just made me the most powerful 
woman on the planet."

      She had their attention, they both waited anxiously for her 

      "The mark on my back can still people's will, make people 
do whatever I tell them." Eve said, still grinning with 

      "Oh come on Eve. You don't believe that. Do you?" Michelle 
asked, skeptically.

      "How work?" Robin asked, with a strange quaver in 
her voice.

      "Well...I sit on a person's face to use the mark to steal 
their will. The longer I sit on a person's face, the more of 
their will I'll hold and thus the longer they'll be my slave." 
Eve explained carefully.

      "How are you going to find out if it works? How are you 
going to get to sit on someone's face?" Michelle asked.
      "I thought I could test it out two." Eve said, 
stunning them both.

      "You're nuts if you think I'm going to let you sit on my 
face!" Michelle answered quickly.

      "Me either!" Robin agreed.

      This was exactly what Eve had expected them to say. She 
smiled broadly at their refusals.

      "I didn't tell you everything. I forgot to mention the 
farting. Once a day I can fart a gas that'll make anyone who 
smells it too weak to fight me. And I can feel it inside me now. 
So I think you *will* be my test subjects after all." Eve 
snickered evilly.

      They both looked at her as if she were mad. Farting? Mind 
control? She had to be off her rocker. Didn't she?

      "I've had enough of this nonsense Eve. I'm leaving." 
Michelle said to her.

      But Eve still blocked the door. And something about her 
confident, nasty grin scared them both. Especially when she 
turned around and lifted her skirt up, exposing her pantied 

      "Ready or not, here it comes..." The quiet in the room was 
shattered by the disgusting sound of her fart.

      The room was pretty small, and they both quickly smelled 
her stench. She watched gleefully as they gasped and coughed at 
the smell of it. First Michelle, and the Robin as well, sank to 
their knees as they succumbed to the weakening power of her gas. 
Eve watched, exhilarated, as they both struggled helplessly 
against her devilish power.

      "Please...Eve...don't..." Michelle begged as Eve pushed the 
blond down onto her back.

      Pausing, Eve ignored the girl's pleas as she stood thinking 
for a moment. She didn't know if it would make any difference, 
but she removed her skirt and panties to be safe. Pushing 
Michelle's weak arms out of the way Eve straddled her and faced 
towards her feet. Sliding back she lowered her bare ass down onto 
the feeble witch's face. As soon as she settled her ass down onto 
her friend's face, Eve could feel it happening. She could feel 
her ass sucking the life from Michelle, making her Eve's slave. 
Robin could only lay gasping, watching in horror as the mark on 
Eve's back pulsated with an eerie red glow as Eve sat smothering 

      "I can feel it. feels so good!" Eve moaned, 
wiggling her ass on Michelle's face.

      Afraid of smothering the girl to death, Eve lifted off of 
her face and turned to look back down at her.

      "Michelle. Can you move now?"
      "Yes master." The blond replied stonily.

      Inwardly Eve rejoiced. It was working exactly like it was 
supposed to. The gas made them weak, and facesitting them woke 
them up, woke them up under her control. The only thing she 
didn't know was how long her control over them would last. It was 
Robin's turn, but first she couldn't resist playing with Michelle 
for a moment. She climbed off the enslaved girl and stood up over 

      "Get up on your knees and look at me." Eve ordered.

      Michelle's mind was racing, desperately trying to fight 
Eve's will. But it was like she was a passenger in her own body, 
just along for the ride. She watched helpless, out of her own 
eyes, as she climbed to her knees in front of Eve.

      "You snooty little bitch. I hope you're still in there 
somewhere for this. Get over here and kiss my pussy." Eve ordered 
imperiously, standing above her with her hands on her hips.

      "Yes master." Michelle replied as she moved forward and 
lowered her face into Eve's crotch.

      Michelle was dying of humiliation as she hopelessly tried 
to command her body to stop. But it was useless, and then she was 
doing it, kissing Eve's clean-shaven mound. Michelle felt and 
heard Eve cackling at her debasement, before Eve pushed her away. 
Leaning down close to her, Eve looked Michelle in the eyes.

      "We'll get back to this in a minute. Poor Robin here is 
still waiting for me." Eve laughed and then turned to Robin.

      Soon Robin too was laying under Eve's ass, its power 
siphoning Robin's will away. She sat for a good long while before 
letting Robin breathe, and then climbed off of her as well.

      "Stand up, both of you." Eve ordered.

      "Yes master." They responded in unison as they rushed to 
their new master.

      Eve was getting off on the power rush so much that she 
almost came right there as her two slaves stood before her, 
awaiting her commands.

      "Come to my bedroom." She ordered and they followed stiffly 
after her as she led them there.

      Removing the rest of her clothes, Eve caressed herself in 
anticipation as she lay down on her bed. Spreading her legs 
obscenely, she gestured to them to come closer.

      "Michelle, get your tongue in my pussy now! And Robin, come 
kiss my breasts while I enjoy having Michelle's face in my cunt." 
She ordered crudely of them.
      Trapped the prisons of their own bodies, the two slaves had 
to endure viewing themselves pleasing Eve with their mouths. She 
was rough and crude with them, enjoying her complete control.

      "That's it, now suck it. Still think you're better than me, 
cunt?" Eve asked Michelle.

      Michelle stopped licking and sucking Eve's wet sex to 
answer her.

      "No master."

      Her abruptly stopping her cunnilingus enraged Eve. She 
smacked Michelle hard across the top of her head.

      "I didn't need an answer! Get your tongue back in my 
pussy!" Eve shouted at Michelle.

      Eve soon had Michelle lapping away with a steady rhythm 
that was driving her hard towards orgasm. Looking down at Robin 
kissing her breasts, and Michelle's blond head bobbing in her 
crotch, Eve was in heaven. She had made them into her slaves, and 
just thinking about what she could do with them was driving her 
over the edge so soon. Soon she thought of nothing but Michelle's 
slurping tongue. She grabbed Michelle's head with both hands and 
pulled her face even harder into her pussy as she started to 
reach orgasm. It seemed to go on and on and on. She held 
Michelle's slurping tongue to her sex until she couldn't take it 
anymore, until she felt *too* good. Exhausted, she pushed her 
slaves away and lay panting on the bed.

      As she came down from her orgasmic high, her mind quickly 
switched over to the unfinished business at hand. She still 
didn't know how long they would be under her control. For all she 
knew they could return to their normal selves at any moment. 
Wouldn't that be great. But Eve had planned everything out weeks 
in advance. Still feeling little tremors, she forced herself to 
get up.

      "If either of you have to go to the bathroom, go and use it 
now. And then come to the spare bedroom." She ordered them.

      Robin went to the bathroom and Michelle went with Eve to 
the spare bedroom. Michelle picked up the candles and put them 
off to the side at Eve's command, while Eve pulled a heavy box 
from the room's small closet. The box was held two pairs of 
handcuffs and two pairs of leg irons.

      "Lie down on your back right here." Eve ordered, pointing 
to a spot on the floor.

      Still naked, Eve carefully cuffed Michelle's wrists above 
her head so that they were attached to one of the rings in the 
floor. Next she cuffed the girl's ankles together and attached 
them somehow to the ring by her feet. Standing upright, Eve was 
satisfied that Michelle was well secured. When Robin entered the 
room Eve repeated the process until she too was chained to the 
floor with her arms stretched out above her head.
      Now that both were restrained, Eve relaxed a little. Now 
she could wait and see how long her control lasted, and not worry 
about what they would do when they came to. She decided not to 
gag them, she figured she could just do it when a problem arose, 
or just subdue them with her magic ass.

      She had smothered them for several minutes, but she didn't 
know how long her control would last. She left them and took a 
hot and relaxing shower. Thinking about what she had done made 
her start to get hot again and she started to stroke herself 
lazily in the shower. Eve stopped herself though, thinking that 
now she had better ways to get off. She dried off after her 
shower and pulled on a comfortable t-shirt and a pair of panties.

      Checking in on her two new toys, Eve didn't see any change 
in their behavior. They both just lay there like zombies. She 
left them for a moment and returned with her bean bag chair and a 
book she was reading. She also brought her alarm clock and 
plugged it in.

      Settling in with her book, Eve waited. She had an urge to 
just sit back down on one of their faces so she could feel that 
wonderful feeling again, but she resisted the urge and continued 
to wait.

      She didn't have to wait long. About twenty minutes had 
passed when Eve noticed Michelle beginning to stir. Damn! It had 
been less than an hour since she'd sat on their faces. How much 
longer would it last if she sat longer? Putting down her book she 
gathered her soiled panties from earlier and sat down on 
Michelle's stomach. If Michelle started to scream Eve would just 
stuff the panties in her mouth. Over the next couple of minutes 
Michelle gradually regained her senses. Robin had also begun to 
stir when Michelle was just beginning to struggle at her bonds. 
Her hands and feet yanked at the chains, and she glared up 
angrily at Eve as tears welled up in her eyes. She began to sob 
outright as she fully returned to normal.

      "Don't even think about screaming Michelle. If you do I'll 
just have to gag you or...sit on your face again." She said with 
evil glee.

      "Why? Why are you doing this to me?" Michelle sobbed.

      "Because you're a bitch. Because you thought you were 
better than me. And most of all...because I can!"

      "Please Eve...please let me go..." She begged.

      "I need you two. I need you to test my powers on. If you 
behave, and help me with my tests, I'll consider letting you go 
after I'm done with you both." Eve suggested.

      " serious?" Michelle asked through her tears.

      "Sure. I think a weekend of being my slave is enough 
punishment for you. And besides, I can have anybody I want once I 
figure out how my power works. If you guys help me, tell me 
everything you can about what you experience, I'll let you both 
go." Eve said as Robin began to softly cry as well.

      "I'll do whatever you want. Anything." Michelle sniveled.

                                                    to be continued...