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experience: smothered by sister in skirt

Not my experience, found this on the net: 
This is another on e that I thought was worth mentioning. I was the same 
age of 12 as the previous experience. My mom had told me multiple times to not 
drink anything while sitting on the living room couch and when she was out I was 
doing exactly that and happened to drop some coke on it. My sister who was 
sitting there saw it happen and told me to get some napkins and clean the mess 
which I did but said she'd tell mom anyway unless I agreed to be punished by 
her. Later that day when my mom was out again my sister had changed into, you 
guessed it, a short black plaid skirt and told me to come lie down on the 
carpet. I knew what was coming. She stood over my face for a second giving me a 
view of her red panties and then sat down comfortably on my face with my nose 
pressing against her red panties. As usual I had disappeared into darkness 
inside her skirt and lay there bearing the pressure of her full weight while she 
comfortably sat on me and lectured me about how I should listen to mom and how 
she had saved my ass from being grounded. Whenever she sat on me she made sure 
to not cover my nose completely so that I could breathe, though it was always 
difficult as her panties would be pressed against it, and every breath I took 
would have her scent in it – I think she knew if I could just about breathe she 
could continue sitting on me for long periods without having to get up. After 
about a minute of lying still I started feeling like my head was going to cave 
in and started moving a bit ,so she got up and sat on my stomach and I finally 
got some deep breaths in. she then completely got up and said she was going to 
use the bathroom and told me to conitnue lying there – she then came back in a 
couple of minutes and plonked herself right back down on my face and I was 
plunged yet again into darkness – and when I say plonked I mean it – there was 
no gentleness – she sat down with almost a thud. Now there was an additional 
urine scent. This time she sat for almost 2 minutes. Every time she sat on me it 
was fullweight from the beginning – there was no gradual taking her weight off 
her knees or anything like that – she sat down on me like I was a chair. This 
time in addition to the sitting she thought it appropriate to put her hand 
inside her skirt and grab my hair firmly from time to time. Finally after the 2 
minutes, she stood up – my jaw was hurting from her sitting and the back of my 
head was hurting. But it wasn't over – she made me lie down on the couch on my 
stomach and with my head turned towards the tv, she sat down on the side of my 
head and said she was going to sit there till mom came . she told me to watch tv 
– which was not possible as my head was completely inside her skirt. soon after 
my mom came home and she got off but said my punishment would continue later – 
the strange thing was when my mom came in she asked why there was a crease on 
the side of my face. 
The most common reason for her sitting on me was either me losing some 
silly game to her or me being punished for some ridiculous thing – though 
occasionally she would just push me to the ground and sit on my face for no 
reason. Whenever I won the game my reward was basically that I did not get sat 
on. She always played the game in a skirt and if I was to be punished for 
something it would be when she was wearing one. 
My sister is now married and I often wonder if she did the same stuff with 
her boyfriends and if she does so with her husband – for a couple of years 
during my childhood she sat on my face almost every week and sometimes twice a 
week or so - always in a skirt. I had gotten so used to it that I almost started 
anticipating when she would sit on me. the sitting was always a bit painful but 
there was something about plunging into darkness under her skirt that appealed 
to me – it was almost serene inside there. Though it was usually a plaid skirt, 
most of hers being black, she had pushed me inside long skirts and once inside 
one of those frilly dresses. I think she liked the plaid skirt the best. There 
were a couple of rare occasions when sat on me in a pair of jeans which was 
really uncomfortable – im glad she stuck to skirts – I preferred being inside 
them than have denim rub on my face.


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