Tuesday, 25 February 2014

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OK, if we are discussing early experiences - here's one of mine. Short and sweet and as it happened - not embellished in any way...

When I was a around the age of 5 or 6, I was often in the company of my older sister's friends, several of whom had a crush on me (I was a cute kid). There was always a lot of play fighting and horseplay going on. My sister's friends used to love ganging up on me, trying to pin me down and kiss me - which for me, at that age was utterly terrifying - so I vigorously resisted, to their great amusement of course. Over time I got quite used to being manhandled by girls, I became a kind of mascot for their girl gang and often found myself being pinned and sat on. Even at that tender age I realised I liked the feeling of being overpowered and controlled by a female. I'm sure this is where my interest was forged. One incident stands out in my mind though. 

I was in the park one day, hanging with two of my sister's friends, but my sister wasn't with them, it was just the three of us. Anyway to cut a long story short the two girls decided they were bored and were going to kick my ass. One of them (her name was Charlotte) tackled me and in no time had me pinned with her knees pressing down on my shoulders. It was really quite painful as she was a solidly built girl and her full weight was bearing down on me. I realised at that point that there was something different about this situation – it just didn’t seem quite as good-natured as it normally would have been if there were more of the gang around with my sister present. I started to panic as the pain was more intense than I’d experienced before and I really couldn’t breathe. She totally ignored my pleas for her to get off me. She just looked down at me with a faint smile and shuffled forward slightly. This relieved some of the pain in my arms and shoulders, but the hem of her short pleated skirt was now covering my face. I remember blowing with what little breath I had left to lift the skirt off my face as it was adding to the feeling of suffocation. I could hear her friend (Sandra) laughing heartily in the background. Charlotte then lifted the hem of her skirt off my face and peered down at me calmly. There was no compassion, no sympathy whatsoever from her, she just did not care that I was suffering. This was the hardest thing to take because when you’re a young child you are accustomed to getting sympathy if something is upsetting you. You expect someone – anyone to come to the rescue, but for the first time in my short life – nobody did. I was now terrified and knew I was in real danger. My survival instinct kicked in as I desperately struggled to free myself - but I had no chance. I could no longer look at her and turned my head to the side as much as I could, but she squeezed her thighs together, forcing my head straight and contorting my face, which only caused more laughter from both girls.

I then got a moment’s respite as Charlotte appeared to take her weight off me for a second and I drew a huge breath. But the respite was short lived because she was just adjusting her position – preparing to go in for the kill as it were. The next thing I knew the immense weight had gone from my chest, but my face was suddenly engulfed by female flesh. The last thing my senses registered was the not unpleasant smell, of the Nylon of her panties, combined with a faint whiff of urine. Then it was lights out! I couldn’t breath in or out and I really started to panic, kicking my legs wildly. But she stayed put and there was nothing I could do to shift her. I really thought I was going to die! After what seemed like an eternity, she finally lifted her weight off me and I could breath again. She knelt forward and I emerged gasping from under her skirt.

I was deeply distressed, the emotional trauma of being humiliated that way and (as far as I was concerned – nearly killed) was too much and I burst into tears. Both girls thought it was hilarious, but they didn’t really like seeing me cry and they did eventually comfort me.

Up until that day I had always liked being pinned and sat on by girls, even though I was way too young to know about sex or appreciate the sexual aspect of it. But that last experience took things to a whole new level. Although I was deeply traumatised by it at the time, I would get incredibly aroused whenever I thought about it and I thought about it for years and years – still do of course. It was my first and greatest facesitting experience!

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